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Your choice of St Brigid’s Parish as the place for your wedding ceremony indicates a desire to enter married life with the blessing of God within the Catholic community. The parishioners of St Brigid’s will certainly pray for you on the day and ask God to bless you with a long and happy marriage.


Before a booking can be made for your wedding, there are a number of steps that need to be taken.  These include:

  • Read the information sheet.

  • Assemble the Relevant Documentation

  • Make an appointment with one of the priests in the parish at least 6 months prior to your proposed wedding date to complete the required Church and Government paperwork, and wedding ceremony.

  • Bookings will not be confirmed and entered into the Parish diary until the Registration Form is completed and returned to the Parish Office with full payment of monies.

  • If you have any questions please contact the Parish Office by email or phone as soon as possible.



  • That your decision to marry is FREE

  • That your commitment to each other is FOR LIFE

  • That it is your INTENTION to have children (at some stage) and share your Catholic faith with them.

  • Please give these points serious consideration and discuss them with the priest if you have any questions about their implications



1. Full birth certificates of both parties - for completion of the Government form.

2. Baptism (Christening) certificates of both Catholics and partners of other Christian traditions. 

N.B Catholics must have a recent copy, not the original document.  A copy can be obtained by simply writing to or asking the priest in the parish in which you were baptised, to send you a copy of the certificate.



Because this is such an important step in your life, it is essential that you do some form of preparation - to build on the relationship you have already, and to ensure that as far as possible your marriage begins on the firmest of foundations. The Relationship Course to help you prepare for your married life is provided through St Brigid’s Parish by Centacare Ph. 6885 0277.


The priest officiating at your wedding will need to meet with you

  •  to discuss the Sacramental dimension of your marriage,

  •  to assist you with planning the wedding ceremony itself, and

  •  to complete the required Government & Church papers.


  1. Nuptial Mass: - the exchange of vows within the celebration of the Eucharist.

  2. Wedding Ceremony: - Wedding ceremony




1. St Brigid’s Church                                       200 Brisbane Street

2. St Laurence’s Church                                 70 Tamworth Street

3.Our Lady of Lourdes Church                       Federation Street, Ballimore


The wedding booking and paperwork must still be organised through the secretary at

St Brigid’s (6882 4233) and the officiating priest.



 The organisation of music and musicians is your responsibility, but be sure to discuss it with

the priest who is officiating at your wedding.


Contact: Paul Dunn -  email: Paul Dunn (


Copied CD’s must be checked in the church sound system the week before the wedding

to see that they work. The DJ also needs to be familiarised with the church sound system

before the wedding.



The Flower Arrangers are responsible for all flowers in St Brigid’s and St Laurence’s Churches.  Please contact the relevant person as soon as possible to discuss flower colours and arrangements, as often there is more than one wedding on a day.


St Brigid’s & St Laurence’s Church Contact:           6882 4233



Photographers and video operators are welcome in the church, but it is expected that they will

liaise with the priest prior to the ceremony.



  • The donation of $1,000 covers the cost of the Relationship course, the Commonwealth

Government paperwork and certificates, the provision of the church building, the running costs and secretarial expenses, insurance and public liability costs & flowers.

  • This payment must be made to the parish secretary when booking the wedding.        

  • If the wedding booking is cancelled, all monies will be refunded.

For Copy of Wedding Registration download the following:

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